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Supporting people across Great Britain with digital connectivity.

This is a continuation of previous Digital Life-Line programmes, now funded by Antz Junction.

We have found that providing digital kit, whether that be a phone, laptop, or tablet and connectivity is crucial to keeping our communities connected and improving wellbeing.

This connectivity can help support so many areas, including employment support, connecting friends and family, access to banking, the benefits system, or even some self-care time meditating or watching a movie.

Digital Life-Line has been transformational for the people on our projects and the partners that we have been able to support such as…

Evolve (IIRMS) Digital Life-Line Feedback
Evolve (IIRMS) Digital Life-Line Feedback

We believe

Every person should have an opportunity to overcome barriers and achieve his / her fullest potential and contribute fully to their community.

Project Showcase

Digital Life-Line: Community Fund

Distributing digital communication to people directly and via NGO’s who have no access to online facilities and are at significant risk of mental health issues and re-offending. We will also support connectivity through further training and support.

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