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Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing

Health and wellbeing is at the core of everything Antz Junction does, whether this be delivering health and wellbeing workshops to both community and business (via our partners ANTZ UK) or developing our revolutionary online platform How Are You Today?

Our workshops help individuals to understand how best to support their wellbeing, how to recognise when things aren’t quite right and provide them with a tool kit of options to help.

Programme Headlines

  • 8 workshops delivered (since January 2022).
  • 128 people supported in person (since January 2022).
  • 57 people supported online (since January 2022).

Member Feedback

  • “The session highlighted my plans for release, refreshed my mind and gave me reassurance” January 2023.
  • “It felt good to talk through things out loud” January 2023.
ANTZ How Are You Today?

This online platform uses the NHS-recognised Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale (WEMWBS) to support an individual in assessing their health and wellbeing. It provides the user with a scale (Green, amber and red) and resources to support their wellbeing. This platform is anonymous and can be used as often as needed.

The platform was developed after we identified a need to support all members of our community, including ourselves at the start of the pandemic and has grown from strength to strength.

We believe

Every person should have an opportunity to overcome barriers and achieve his / her fullest potential and contribute fully to their community.

Project Showcase

Digital Life-Line: Community Fund

Distributing digital communication to people directly and via NGO’s who have no access to online facilities and are at significant risk of mental health issues and re-offending. We will also support connectivity through further training and support.

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